Nantucket Cranberry Wreath Workshop

Join Heathknits for a fun day full of holiday cheer, as we create our own Nantucket Cranberry Wreaths!

Nantucket cranberry wreath

Sunday December 6, 2020 — 10-3
$75 Includes most supplies and expert instruction in Covid-safe environment. Participants will need their own cranberries and lunch. Masks are required.

Text or call 508-404-7588 to register. Payment is due at registration.

The wreathes are considered the most celebrated house decoration on Nantucket. It’s a festive way to welcome guests to our homes for the holidays, no matter where we live.

Our workshop leader, Chris has been making cranberry wreaths for the past 40 years when her beloved mother-in-law moved to the Cape and showed her the secrets of this Nantucket tradition.

Benefits of Knitting and Crocheting

Knitting and crocheting are good for you, it’s official.

Knit for Peace undertook some research into knitting, showing how it has positive health benefits, physical and mental:

    • Lowers blood pressure
    • Reduces depression and anxiety
    • Slows the onset of dementia
    • Is as relaxing as yoga
    • Distracts from chronic pain
    • Increases sense of wellbeing
    • Reduces loneliness and isolation, and increases sense of usefulness and inclusion in society.

Heirloom Lighted Christmas Tree Workshop

Come spend a relaxing day creating a family heirloom — a lighted Christmas tree.
Heirloom Lighted Christmas Tree
In this full day workshop you will receive all the supplies and instructions necessary to make a beautiful seasonal decoration worthy of gifting or keeping for yourself.
Workshop size is limited in order to allow for the best experience for all.

A deposit of $50 is required by November 4 to secure your spot.
$99 total. (Balance of $49 due on day of workshop)
10:00 – 3:30
pack a lunch; water and snacks will be provided

It’s a Knit-at-home day!

Mother Nature has other plans for knitters….

1pm Sit n Stitch, 3pm class and 6:30pm class  are all cancelled for Tuesday February 12, 2019.

The town of Walpole has declared an early release.

Stay warm and knit on!



Printable Knitters’ Graph Paper

With so many knitters enjoying color work, especially on yokes of sweaters, I went looking for ways to encourage designing. Working out a design on paper is a traditional starting point and with yokes, it’s no different. So play with all the ideas floating around in your brain.

This knitters’ graph paper will print to your gauge for a clear look at that great idea.



Taming Rolled Edges

There IS a product that can help relax rolled edges in stockinette knitting. While trolling Amazon for Unshrink It, a product to help unshrink knits, I discovered a world of wrinkle releasers and decreasers. After reading the reviews and searching on line for testimonials from independent sources (aka knitters), it turns out there are lots of brave knitters who regularly use these products.

So I share with you, dear knitter, with the caveat that I personally have not tried these products yet but the Amazon robot assures me that it will be here tomorrow.


Five Reasons to Join Group Knitting

Whether a class or sit ‘n stitch, here are five reasons to join today:

    1. Leave outside pressures behind for two hours.
    2. Come for the community and companionship of women who share your passion: you already have something in common.
    3. Enter a ‘judgement free zone’ that’s NOT a gym.
    4. Have your project admired, oohed, and ahhed at. The encouragement of others will catapult you right through a difficult or boring section of a project.
    5. Social media is wonderful, but it is no replacement for the real thing: real laughter, real people, real conversation, real chocolate.

Weekly schedule available here.

See you soon