Avoiding Messy Looking Joins

How do I avoid messy looking joins when knitting in the round?

When joining stitches in the round it can be difficult to create a seamless join on circular needles and DPNs.
Here are two tricks to solve the problem:

Cast on one extra stitch. When you start the first row, slide the last cast on stitch onto the left hand needle. Then knit two stitches together, avoiding the loop that is caused by the join.


Before placing your stitch marker and knitting the first stitch, swap the first stitches on the left and right needles as follows:

  1. Slip the first stitch on the right needle to the left needle.
  2. Slip the second stitch on the left needle up and over the first stitch and onto the right needle.
  3. Place a stitch marker on the right needle to indicate the beginning of a new round.
  4. Knit the first stitch on the left needle.
  5. Continue until all stitches have been knit and you’re back to the stitch marker. This completes one round.


Sweater measurement

It’s Sweater Weather! The time of year many knitters anxiously wait for. Knitting returns to the forefront of our thoughts. Casting on with new yarn and all its promises epitomizes the knitter’s high. Making sure the sweater fits is of utmost importance, which means it’s time to collect the current measurements.

Attached is the perfect tool for keeping an accurate guide in your knitting bag. So grab a partner, a measuring tape, and fill out the Actual Body Measurement Chart created by Laura Bryant and Barry Klein. Available for free at Actual Body Measurement Chart.

Knit a sweater that fits! Happy Sweater Weather (Fall)!